Your health is an investment, not an expense!

I truly believe in investing time and effort in your wellness. It is also a big part of finding what works for you, and finding discipline in your habits and routines. It is a lifestyle that you create for yourself, and for your family, so that you all aspire to feel your best every day. You are worthy!

It’s so easy to live with feeling mediocre. I did this for over 2 years. Some days were better than others. I felt helpless, I was sleeping every afternoon, dealt with major sinusitis, bloating, gassiness, IBS, mental fogginess, and even anxiety. What a combination! I would wake up feeling energized, but right after lunch, I would crash. My head would feel heavy, and my eyes would just close. I was suffering from a leaky gut! BINGO! I took some time to tune into my body and decided I was no longer going to suffer and live like this. I decided to get down to the root cause of these feelings; the core message my body was telling me. I was so grateful for a friend who called me up and shared this word with me: probiotic.

In the years I had been dealing with this, I had my blood drawn, I saw a naturopath, and the focus was on my adrenals and low Iron. I had the energy to exercise some days, and I did a strict metabolic reset. It did help me, however, I still was sleepy and gassy. I also did not have the mental clarity to figure out what I needed. I had lots on my plate at the time, but I also discovered I was neglecting myself! 

I began researching gut health, and probiotics. I am interested in the science of how the body works, and how natural ingredients help our body function. I found a probiotic system that worked for me, once I began to feel the effects of the quality of this probiotic along with some gut healing home remedies, my whole world changed!

The process of the probiotics helped reset my digestive system while addressing underlying causes of gut imbalance that I was experiencing. I began to feel amazing. My gassiness disappeared, my mental clarity improved, my moods were boosted, and my bloating and inflammation even improved! My IBS instantly settled. I had the motivation to exercise, I was in better spirits, and there has been no more afternoon sleepiness for me! This is crazy. I never thought I could feel like myself again.

When you feel the difference of true vitality and uplifted moods, energy and mental focus, it’s life-changing. How did I live so long with feeling mediocre?

After going through all of this, I challenge you to re-evaluate how you are feeling physically, and mentally, as you deserve to live life with purpose, and clarity! I hope that everyone is able to find something that works for them. 

We deserve to live our best life.


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