Do Whatever Is Good For Your Soul

Finding my joy was truly tough. A few years ago, I did some serious soul searching. I have a beautiful family, a loving husband, and a beautiful home. There was a lot to be grateful for, and yet I was feeling stuck, lost & and unfulfilled. I found myself complaining most of the time, I was the lady of envy. 

I had no energy and terrible mood swings. It got to the point where I looked at myself in the mirror, I asked myself, “Who am I?” 

I was feeling emotionally pulled in so many directions. I am a mother, and a wife, that had absolutely no time for self-care for myself. I really had a challenging time feeling guilty and a bit resentful of the time and devotion I had given to my family.  In order To become the awesome superwoman that I am, there was a lot that had to happen to build myself up to be that person I wanted to be. I felt angry and helpless during these times. I simply kept going through the motions and remained in survival mode mentally, as well as emotionally. 

I knew deep down something had to change.

I soon discovered the world of direct sales. It gave me hope! I was introduced to this by a friend, and my world had changed. It was a newfound passion of something for me to grasp onto, flourish in personal development, curate new friendships, and look up to some pretty amazing role models. I began to picture myself all put together, and I dove right in. It helped me grow to be who I am today. I began to value myself again and found that my passion was in helping others. This is where I began my Soul Makeover journey. I began to look at myself differently in the mirror. I had a positive outlook, a new focus. I learned to think with a growth mindset, and with purpose. I had this new confidence that was unveiled. 

I realized I was made for more. 

There was a lot of crap to unveil, believe me! I had to take many steps on the road less traveled, I found my way. It was the process of unveiling long-term emotions I had been suppressing from my past. I decided to hire a life coach, and really focus on what it is I want going forward. As my children grew up, I was grateful to be present, and then I found they no longer needed me as much. I had to fill that void of feeling needed, and I put my heart and soul into my business. At the same time, I invested in my personal development, and it was the best money I have ever spent. 

I have been knocked down many times, and I picked myself back up again, but I did not do this alone. I was able to find my true worthiness a supportive tribe of friends in the business, and I began to realize, that I am enough. I knew that I deserve to have my own success! I began to feel alive again. This was the result of my devotion to self love, and self acceptance over time. If this sounds like you, I have great news. You can also take the steps to achieve these results through self-reflection and a Soul Makeover journey. Every day is a new day to explore whatever that success can look like for you. If it’s giant steps, great.If it’s baby steps, even better. 

I believe in celebrating ALL WINS!

Today, I am mentoring others to embark on a Soul Makeover journey, and really find their true joy. I help to create your path to zone in on feelings and help you understand your emotional build-ups, as well as re-evaluating your confidence. It begins with a growth mindset and the desire for change. 

Welcome to your Soul Makeover journey! 


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I look forward to connecting with you!