About Sandra Dido

Hello beautiful Soul,

Confidence Coach and Business Mentor

I am a Wellness Advocate + Confidence Coach with a passion to empower women to become their most authentic badass self.

I felt a soul calling; I’ve been blessed to be on this incredible Soul Makeover journey of self-discovery with my husband of 25 years, and two adult children by my side. Having embraced a journey of 9+ years of my own, I am a firm believer that it’s a process of diving into our souls and our hearts to begin to value & embrace who we really are.

“All women have superpowers, self-love within, they’ve just forgotten how.”

With a background as a business mentor, my passion for female empowerment and self-acceptance is leading individuals to the path of joy from within. My curiosity has me constantly seeking and learning ways to find more ease in my life, expand my growth mindset, and enhance my knowledge so that I can help others. 

Today I am passionate to be working with many women, to help them align themselves to their body, their mind, and soul. Everyone on this earth has a gift, and something to share with the world. All women have strengths and talents and beauty within. I am here to guide women to expand themselves in self-discovery, and that is where Soul Makeover came about. I have been through this journey, I learned to love and accept my body, I have unraveled the soul searching, I have expanded my mind to love and to have peace within. I am a BADASS Woman!

Social Media Influence

Camera Confidence 101

I am currently guiding busy entrepreneurs, business owners, authors, and influencers to step into their power and show up creating video content with confidence. I am the creator of Camera Confidence 101 Masterclass and coaching to enhance all aspects of utilizing all social media platforms where I guide other's to stand out from the crowd and let their voice be heard.


Deanna ****

I had the absolute pleasure of working directly with Sandra recently to improve and streamline my Social Media activity and gain the confidence to get my message out there in a clear, meaningful way.  After attending her Camera Confidence Masterclass twice, I was inspired to dive deeper into what she had to offer on a one-on-one level and really focus on how I could more consistently show up online for my target audience.  I had recently been posting more regularly about my side hustle business on Instagram, but still felt lost as to when to post, what to post, and didn't understand or even know about all of the features available to get my messages noticed.  Across our 4 sessions together, Sandra was able to help me create a plan and teach me in a very easy and effortless way how to use the eye-catching features IG has to offer.  What I loved about the sessions was she never made me feel like an incompetent 'old' person, and I felt comfortable to ask her anything.  Each session focused on a new tactic or trick to use and how to make the most of Social Media, and we even opened a TikTok account!  Sandra gave me the confidence to try different things and not be shy to talk about my business or ask for that sale.  

Thank you Sandra - I couldn't have done any of this without you, and I look forward to some catch up sessions in the near future.

Carol ****

Finally, I am on Instagram doing "lives", and its all thanks to Sandra Didomenico! Sandra is an amazing coach, she is patient, kind, detailed and caring. After attending the Camera Confidence Masterclass with Sandra, it gave me the courage to step out and take the leap to get onto Instagram live video. Sandra was my first guest, and she helped and guided me throughout the process. Many thanks and gratitude to Sandra!


I feel like a flower that is blooming...

I met Sandra in September, and it was as if an angel was sent to me. Sandra could see that I needed help and because she is so passionate about helping others that she reached out and told me she could help me find my joy. Through the probiotics that she provides and her life coaching, I feel like a flower that is blooming. I now have so much more energy and with slight changes to my day, it has made a big difference to how I am living moving forward. Thank you so much Sandra for teaching me how to set myself up for success and believing in myself!

Tina M

She is the best coach I’ve ever had...

Sandra has been my coach for my new network marketing company for the past few months. She is the best coach I’ve ever had and here’s why: She’s super supportive, and always keeps me on task. She is very aware of her team, and where they are at in reaching their monthly goals and quotas. She thinks outside of the box, and her ideas have helped me to promote in our company. She’s friendly, outgoing and a very positive person who inspires me everyday. I’m so grateful that I signed up under her.

Wendi Udell

Her coaching inspired me to take the action steps towards my goals and move my business forward...

Working with Sandra was so great! She guided me to success in my business, and in my life overall. Her coaching inspired me to take the action steps towards my goals and move my business forward. She had great ideas and opportunities to create more connections & sales. She inspired me to have more confidence and a positive outlook in my busy life. I am grateful she gave me the tools and the clarity to move forward.


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